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Happiness survey results are in!

Happiness survey results are in!

Not too long ago our friends at Australian Unity asked our fans to complete a short survey about happiness, in order to better understand wellbeing (questions derive from the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index). The results are in! We thought you’d be interested in what Australian Unity learned and what it might mean for your family.

What they found out?

Did you know self-employed women or those on maternity leave enjoy the greatest wellbeing? This stood out in areas like standard of living, achieving in life, personal relationships, future financial security and feeling safe.

Your answers also indicatated the two groups most satisfied with their place in the community and personal relationships are volunteers and people who are self-employed.

Jump on the Australian Unity website and read the What Makes Us Happy report to discover more correlations between lifestyle, happiness and wellbeing, and how they affect you.

We are proud to support Australian Unity’s mission to help people thrive and want to thank you for your participation!

About the Wellbeing Index

Australian Unity, in partnership with the Australian Centre on Quality of Life at Deakin University, regularly measures how satisfied Australians are with their own lives and with life in Australia. Using the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index, it investigates satisfaction with economic, environmental and social conditions in Australia, and gives insights into our individual wellbeing. The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index is a comprehensive measure of personal and national wellbeing. Unlike traditional indicators of quality of life such as Gross Domestic Product, the index measures how Australians feel about personal issues such as their relationships or national issues such as satisfaction with government.

Since its launch in April 2001, the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index has established itself as the leading and most comprehensive measure of wellbeing in Australia.

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