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Dealing with change and loss

It's Okay To Cry

On The Wiggles' CD and DVD Rock & Roll Preschool, The Wiggles have included a song titled It's Okay to Cry, written specifically to remind children and their families that it is okay to express their feelings during difficult times.  
A change in a child's or family's environment can result in many challenges.  This could be due to the death of a pet, friend, or family member; or perhaps a change of school, house or friendship for example.  In this instance, Emma is sad because she recently lost her beloved grandmother.
During these difficult times, it is important to allow children a safe space to talk about their feelings, and as a parent or friend, to be supportive and understanding.  Support can come through; 

  • Providing children with age appropriate books to read about the concept of change; or 
  • Activity books that allow them to express their feelings through art; or 
  • Simply being there for them through these tough times to remind them that it is okay to feel sad, and to cry.  

In Emma's case, being able to look through old photographs brings back wonderful memories that make her feel happy once again.
To watch The Wiggles' video clip It's Okay To Cry click on the video player below.



Below is an interview with Lisa Gelbart, a bereavement counsellor, and who is also a bereaved parent.
Lisa does a wonderful job of supporting bereaved parents through subsequent pregnancies and the anxiety which is often prevalent at that time, and to make parents aware that there is support in the community. 
Lisa's message is an important one, and worth watching. To watch the interview, click on the video player below.


Additional Support

If you, or a family member or friend, are in need of bereavement support services, Red Nose have support services available including counselling, parent and family support, peer support, sibling support, grandparent support groups, group activities, annual memorial services, telephone counselling and a national 24 hour freecall 1300 bereavement support line.  For more information, visit their website today.


It's okay to cry is featured on The Wiggles' album Rock & Roll Preschool available from The Wiggles store.



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