The Wiggles

The Wiggles' new major partner InfaSecure, are driving home car seat safety, innovation and affordability for Aussies!

Posted on Tuesday 31 Mar 2015


InfaSecure, a 4th generation all Australian family company, has teamed up with the unstoppable #1 young family brand, The Wiggles, to drive home what they believe is their clear point of difference - world leading safety, innovation and affordability.

"We are thrilled to have InfaSecure on board", said Wiggles Managing Director, Paul Field. "They are an Aussie owned family business taking on the world - just like us" "We live in a lucky country" Mr Field continued. "Thanks to our stringent standards all child restraints sold in Australia are safe. But what really impressed The Wiggles was how instrumental InfaSecure has been in pushing those standards higher while making child seats more affordable for young families. We love that".

Matthew Horsfall, Director at InfaSecure, was very excited about promoting car safety with The Wiggles. "The last 5 years for InfaSecure have been about developing the safest, most innovative product in the world and delivering it at an affordable price for parents. The next 5 years is about increasing consumer education, brand engagement and loyalty with young Australian families. Our work with The Wiggles will be key to making that a reality."

The Wiggles and InfaSecure are Toot-Toot, Chugga-Chugging down the road to safer travel experiences!

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