The Wiggles

The Wiggles Cement Their Place In History.

Posted on Tuesday 17 Mar 2015

Luna Park turns 80 years old this year, and as a part of their anniversary celebrations, they are creating what they hope will be Australia's brightest sidewalk.

The Luna Park Star Path will be signed by the most recognised and brilliant Australian celebrities and The Wiggles' were proud to be the Star Path's very first inductees.

"Luna Park is extremely happy that The Wiggles have agreed to launch our Star Path," the park's director, Warwick Doughty said.


"Luna Park Sydney is truly inspired by the fantastic work The Wiggles do for children across Australia and worldwide, and we're very excited to partner with them to bring further joy and smiles to Luna Park Sydney."

Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon all braved the damp conditions to leave their hand marks and sign their names in Wiggly-coloured cement, in front of an excited crowd.

Blue Wiggle, Anthony was thrilled to be a part of the celebrations, "I've been coming to Luna Park since I rode the rotor in the 1970's! And now I bring my children here, so to have The Wiggles success recognised is a great honour."


Luckily, The Wiggles were able to clean off the coloured cement from their hands before getting back in the big red car!

You can see The Wiggles' hand prints at the Star Path, which will start at the famous face at Luna Park in Sydney.

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