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Interview with Patti Newton, aka Mrs Claus

Posted on Tuesday 03 Dec 2013

In The Wiggles' latest CD and DVD release is Go Santa Go!The Wiggles have joined with the happiest man in the land, Santa Claus (played by entertainment legend Bert Newton, with the dazzling Patti Newton as Mrs Claus), to deliver The Wiggles' best ever Christmas songs and story.

Australian entertainer and radio and television presenter, Patti Newton, was kind enough to take time out to answer some questions about her role as Mrs Clause in The Wiggles' Go Santa Go!


What was it like working with The Wiggles?

Bert and I loved working with The Wiggles as they're our Grandchildren's favourite entertainers. Sam (5), Eva (4) and Lola (18 months) are big fans. The Wiggles have a lovely family atmosphere which is very similar to ours - with Blue Wiggle Anthony's brother Paul managing everything and Paul's son Luke looking after the performances on the road. It's a wonderful environment to share in.

What was your favourite scene in Go Santa Go?

Being Santa Claus, Bert's favourite would have been when he was in the sleigh with all the reindeer and mine was "Mrs Claus Put The Kettle On" it was so much fun.


How do you celebrate Christmas with your family?

Christmas has always been very special to us, and now even more so with our Grandchildren. At the beginning of November I have all the decorations up; the tree, the toys, the lights... if we're going to do it all, we may as well start early and have it up for a good amount of time! And on Christmas Eve, we each have pillowcases with our names on them which we hang up, all ready for Santa to fill with little presents (funnily enough, it's Mrs Claus who seems to do all of the organising!). We always used to have a big lunch at home on Christmas day but then when the children grew up and were often away, Bert and I started going to a restaurant in Melbourne. It was just the two of us but then my daughter Lauren and her husband joined us one year, and then all of the kids as they each came along, and now everyone in the family comes and we make a lovely day out of it.


The Wiggles' Go Santa Go! now available on CD, DVD and digital format.  Visit The Wiggles' latest release section for links to purchase.



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