The Wiggles

The Wiggles' new album Fury Tales now available!

Posted on Friday 03 May 2013

“Hair” it is, everyone... Furry Tales “fur” your listening pleasure!

Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon are “eggcited” with 25 wiggly songs about their animal friends.

‘The Corroboree Frog’ will have you croaking with fun while the ‘Bunny Hop’ is a “hare-raising” experience! Jump and sing along with ‘The Monkey Dance’ and then there’s ‘Say the Dance, Do the Dance’ which is the catchiest song you’ll ever hear!

Sing along and dance along with Furry Tales, the best CD since Noah built the ark!

The Wiggles' "Furry Tales" is officially out today! Order your copy via The Wiggles Shop today!




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