The Wiggles

The Wiggles Wish Sam Well

Posted on Friday 22 Feb 2013

Sam was a big part of The Wiggles success for many years.  He has a great singing voice and a really strong connection with children, so we are pleased that he is now getting the opportunity to start his own show.

We would have liked things to have been different at the time Sam left The Wiggles – and we certainly could have handled the announcement of his departure better.  We know the news shocked a lot of our fans.  We had been in discussions with Sam about his future as the Yellow Wiggle for a while but unfortunately we weren’t able to reach agreement.

When it was clear that Sam wasn’t continuing in the band The Wiggles approached Greg and asked him to return to the group. We are grateful that Greg agreed to step in and do one final tour with the original team.  We had a great year together on our Celebration Tour, and we have been really blessed to have the opportunity to say farewell to so many of our fans around the world.

Sam made a huge contribution to The Wiggles during his time in the Yellow Skivvy and we look forward to watching his new show go from strength to strength.  We wish him only the best - there will always be room for quality children’s entertainment in this world.

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